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Not a week goes by that I'm not grateful to be photographing some of the most beautiful people, places, and things in the world. I was invited into an historic home with lots of love and vibrant personalities to create the collage seen above. I adore these girls and finally having the chance to capture their youth is long overdue. Truth be told it was slated for last year but with the loss of their matriarch who was to be the focal point of the images, existence as they all knew it stopped. Life must go on and the photoshoot had to happen which we did in matriarchal honor. We gathered together, laughed, cried, styled and posed to capture a full range of imagery that covered the expanse of the family's 4th generation property. Children don't stay this innocent forever so if you are thinking of capturing their greatness, do so sooner than later. Life is what happens when you're busy making plans. That's from The Beatles, not me so MUST be true. It is true and these photos are, too.