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Let's go behind the beauty scenes as I dish up my latest coconut craving. Beauty is a part of my
everyday aesthetic in front of the camera, for my clients and beyond. Over lockdown I maintained my regime so that I would be right and ready to go no matter the level. I found lockdown beauty through Bondi Sands Coconut & Sea Salt Scrub. It features the most beautiful Tropical Rum scent and with all of the Zoom drink parties going on, the alcohol infusion suited the scene these past few weeks.
Exfoliation is so vital and Bondi Sands recommends using the scrub twice weekly. As a Beauty Editor, I would have to agree. Slough off the dead skin, allowing room for the new you and follow up with a very good moisturizer. I use organic coconut oil which my body doesn't go a day without.
As I always say, self-care is key.
The Bondi Sands coconut scrub works like a charm getting rid of ingrown and unknowns leaving the body silky smooth all over. See my post scrub share? My skin was glowing.