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I love to give back. When I'm approached to be a part of an organization or charity event I incorporate something photographic into it. Pretty straightforward because the world always needs another photo. So when the talented team that is Zane Tate and Helena Lowe approached me for their most recent project-The Gala Mental Health Fundraiser in support of Gumboot Friday and I Am Hope, I was all in. The catch? This was to be an avant-garde event like no other. We're out of the covid cocoon and ready to party. I have always used my wardrobe as self-expression to help heal my mind. Clothes make you feel good and a reason to go all needed style representation so IBK created a Lookbook of inspiration for what to wear on the night.

The theme: CAMP. Love it. In true IBK style I gathered the best of the best from local designers, makeup artists, stylists and more to create a very chic idea of what to wear.

Go all out & enjoy the gallery below. Xx

Many thanks to all these incredible humans for making this come alive in the name of mental health:

Haar Designs

Stacey Banfield Makeup

Lynn Woods

Fashion Society

The Shoe Curator

Mods Hair


Jodi O'Loughlin 

Olivia Giesen

The Global Style Pilot

Kelly Buchanan

(A VERY Special thanks to Zane & Helena for giving us all a reason to get dressed up & give back.)

More cuts and reels on insta.