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We find ourselves back in lockdown and thank The Good Lord we were sent a unique little eco-luxury sample pack just before going into iso.

Dust & Glow is a waterless system that is bringing new meaning to your daily routines. Using innovative powder formulations for the skin and hair, only natural offerings are used in these super concentrated #powdertofoam formulations. 

What I really love about Dust & glow is that they are consciously on the road to endeavor to do better in creating less waste for the planet. The lightweight bottles are so cute and travel friendly. I used the polish and body wash as I gave myself a bit of lockdown love. Just a wee shake of powder is all you need and I felt really refreshed and ready.

The crew are keen to get back on set and try out the powder shampoo which is everything at the moment they tell me. 

Check out their slick website https://www.dustandglow.com/