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It is that time of year again that all of us shop. That simple. Giving gifts and receiving them are what we live for for about 30 days and nights of preparation, partying and recovery. Of course I'm shopping but I'm also taking stock of everything. What do I need to keep or giveaway to make way for the new in life. I know that in 17 days I'll have to make way for new treasures so I'm on a journey to clear out and organize the old. Firstly, to the jewelry boxes I go. Seen here are a few from the collection that got a jewelry jig. A bit of a polish and then put away. There were a few finds that could find another home but the rest are mindfully away for another day. Keeping precious jewels and metals in their proper place inside boxes and bags ensures their longevity. Everything is so tidy now and there's always plenty of room for more.

Small project with a big reward.