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Today I celebrate local love. I adopted a local lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest over 2 decades ago. I learned that neither Man nor Mother Nature gives a flying flip about what we as people consider to be normal. Things happen. Disasters, debt and devastation we have all lived through them. Plus the natural disasters: Tornadoes, hurricanes, snow storms, wind storms, flooding, flash flooding and earthquakes happen and I've experienced them all.

Primal proximity is the new normal where we use, give to and rely on our local locations for goods and services. Ages ago mankind followed the sun for survival. People had to move miles and mountains to make it all happen relying on what was around them. I'm not going to even mention what man has done since they stopped following the sun hunting, gathering and such. What I have learned through all of that is we need to embrace what is all around us. Family is always first. The next level up is our community.

Long-distance travel has stopped for a while so embrace a distance of a few driving hours to love and live on. Here is a display of a recent day away. Name the number of countries you visited. That's an amazing number! Well done you. Now stop and think.  If you had to could you walk there? Drive there?  No. So get moving on. Stay and play in local cities. Make of it what you want.