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I have just finished competition season overseas and contended with some of the best of them. I enjoy these annual events as I am able to set a goal, artistic theme and go for it with my camera in hand. Walks, parks, trips, museum gardens and home offered me endless opportunities

My latest series for release is The Nature Series, a collection of images that only nature could provide through a year of searching and being magically lead to fine fauna and foliage footage that I collected and have now curated for you. From subtle succulents to busy bees, my lens was focused on all things naturally beautiful. 

I've been overwhelmed by the support and new client base my latest offering has received. The meticulous details and demand that has gone into producing, printing and framing The Nature Collection for public offering has been well worth the outcome. They are a collection of artistic images that reflect the truly magnificent character of Mother Nature.  

My first release of imagery is sustainable wood all cultivated in The Lore Valley of France. These reclaimed pieces served as the basis for a photoshoot of a lifetime

See the collection here